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Keeping Your Camp Dog Clean

As you know, your pets must always be kept restrained when visiting developed areas, like campgrounds, in the MOST public recreation areas. This is especially important in a campground where there are people walking, kids on bikes, cars and trucks with trailers, etc.

However, there is always the question: How do I keep my dog clean when I’m camping? (Okay, okay, it’s a DOG- How do I keep my dog cleanER? Cleaner!)

When I go camping with Lily, the dog, Lily sleeps in the trailer at night. She’s crate trained so she sleeps in her “box.” But about 2 am, when the temperature really starts to dip, she always wakes me up with her “I’m cold!” cry.

And, being the dog-sucker that I am, I wait about all of thirty seconds before snuggling her into my sleeping bag with me. Of course, if she’s in MY bed, that means I want her as dust-free as possible!

To that end, I’ve discovered that putting heavy duty utility rugs under her playpen has helped a lot. Not only is Lily not as dusty, she doesn’t get stickers in her coat or scratched pads. Plus, I can easily see and pick up any spilled food before it attracts ants, skunks, or other unsavory critters.

Lily (needing a hair cut!) in her playpen on a rug.

Lily (needing a hair cut!) in her playpen on a rug.

So, the camping tip of the week: when camping with pets, bring a heavy duty outside rug for them to lie on. Luckily, in my case, the rug is just the right size to completely cover the area below her playpen.

Here’s a rug that you can get from It’s the right size and should be heavy-duty enough to stand up to most camping adventures. I’d recommend the brown color (shown, although I don’t think it looks like much in the photo!) since it’ll show the dirt the least.

Brown rug from Perfect color for camping!

Brown rug from Perfect color for camping!

Here’s a question to all you people out there who camp with pets:

What are YOUR tips to keep your pet cleaner? Do you ever try to groom your pet while you’re camping?