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New Camping Recipe Book

It was going to be one of those “quick” projects. But it really wasn’t! But today, after weeks of work, I finally was able to order a proof copy. Whew!


This new book (available mid-September 2013) has 101 camping recipes that have been featured on the Pitch Your Tent Newsletter and some that have never been published before. Book will retail for $14.95 and be available through,, and

(When the book is published, I’ll make those active links to purchase the book!)

It’s fully indexed for quicker searching too!

Let me tell you how much of a PITA (Pain In The A$$) creating an index is! After reviewing a ton of other cookbooks, I realized that a real index is a must. Did you know that a lot of cookbooks don’t index by ingredient? Just an alphabetical list of recipes. What good does that do? How can I look up what to do with my pork? Or bacon? Or ground beef?

Speaking of ground beef, did you know that there’s technically a difference between ground beef and hamburger? No? Me neither!

Special thanks to all my Facebook friends and fans who helped with the title, how long the book should be, and more!

The book will be available to purchase and for signing at Prescott’s Great Outdoors.